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What we do

We see many patients every day for a wide range of reasons. Some are simple problems but others are more complex. They may be long-term or recurring problems. Our aim is to get to the root of the problem so you have a full understanding of your pet's condition and are best able to deal with its requirements in the future. This is when it's important to spend time with you to explain the condition and discuss any questions you may have. We also make use of our facilities for diagnosis and treatment.

Consultations are by appointment, although we always see emergencies. We schedule 15 minutes per appointment and plan so where possible you can see the same vet.

Vaccinations: We schedule a full 15 minute appointment for our vaccinations, we believe it's best to allow this time to perform a full health examination, and for you to raise any issues you may have. It is really is more than just 'the jab' for us!

Microchipping and Pet Travel Scheme Certificates: Both Jim and Matthew hold the qualification to authorise the pet passport. Please contact the clinic for full details and requirements.

Nurse appointments and clinics: Our qualified nurses are available to discuss all aspects of your pets health. These include nutrition throughout their lives, control of parasites and dental care. Please don't hesitate to get in touch for advice.

Surgery: We perform surgical procedures in our theatre ranging from neutering operations to orthopaedics.

Dentistry: Pets have teeth too! Though they tend not to complain about toothache, may pets suffer with severe dental disease that goes unnoticed. We are able to diagnose, plan and treat problems with examination and dental X-rays. Clients often note a great change after treatment telling us how they had suffered in silence.

Medical Investigation and treatment: Our laboratory and X-ray equipment helps us diagnose conditions and then allows us to monitor treatment progress.

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